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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that our customers frequently ask. If there is something that is not covered, please call us directly on (888) 491-4055 or email us at


Will my vehicle be driven?
No, Your vehicle will be placed onto an auto carrier (similar to the ones that deliver new vehicles to the dealerships) and will only be moved during loading and unloading.

Will my vehicle be safe during shipping?
Yes, Our very own network of carriers each possess a minimum of 3 years behind the wheel. Your vehicle will be in the best of hands and will be insured for a minimum of $75,000 with a zero deductible in the unlikely event of an accident.

Can I pack personal belongings in my vehicle for shipment?
You are typically allowed up to 100 Ibs for land transport only. Contents must be placed in the trunk or below rear window level for SUV’s and are subject to inspection. However, we do not recommend keeping personal items in your vehicle while shipping as your vehicle is fully insured during shipping, contents are not. Ultimately, any contents would need to be approved by our carrier. Vehicles must be empty for ocean transport.

Will I lose my deposit if I need to reschedule my shipping date?
Absolutely not. We are the only transport company that guarantees our rates and will be happy to hold your reservation and honor the rate for up to a year regardless of any rate increases. Additionally, at Universal Auto Shipping there are never any rescheduling fees.

What additional fees or costs will I incur when shipping my vehicle?

How long does it take to ship a car to or from Hawaii?
About 7-10 Days to or from the East Coast to the West Coast and about 12 days into or out of Honolulu (with port loading & offloading times)

What documents will I need to ship my car to the mainland from Hawaii?
When shipping a vehicle to Hawaii, very little is needed in the way of documentation. When shipping to the mainland from Hawaii you will need the following documentation;
• Vehicle title, current registration and an up to date State of Hawaii Safety Certificate (Neighboring Islands only excluding Oahu).
• Proof of insurance
• Drivers License or Photo ID
• If the vehicle is financed, a bank letter giving permission to remove the vehicle from the island is required.
• If the vehicle owner is not present, the owner’s representative will need Power of Attorney to ship the vehicle on the owner’s behalf.

Do I need to drop my vehicle off at the port?
We are happy to pick up your vehicle from your mainland location, whether at your home or business, we aim to make your shipment as easy and efficient as possible. Although you may drop your vehicle off at the port yourself if you like, just keep in mind that there is no transportation available from the port so you would need to bring a second vehicle. As a matter of fact, the cost of land transport will usually offset the time, effort and extra money for fuel, lodging and other expenses associated with driving it yourself.

Do I need to prepare my vehicle to ship to Hawaii?
Yes, there are some minor preparations required. For starters, your vehicle will need to be clean and empty and have less than a quarter tank of gas. Your dedicated logistics coordinator will provide a complete detailed list of all preparations upon booking your shipment.

How will I know when to pick up my vehicle?
You will be able to track your shipment online and we always notify our customers when the vehicle becomes available for pickup.

When do I need to book my vehicle shipment?
Your shipment should be reserved as far in advance as possible. Many times a quote can change in price depending on constantly changing market factors. At Universal Auto Shipping once you’re booked, your rate is locked in for a year even when the rates go up.

How do I pay for my shipment?
We’re flexible! Payment can be made with all major credit/debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as other payment options.

Can I book my shipment online?
Yes. You can book your shipment directly from your quote by following the secure link or by using our website However, we do not employ a sales staff; most of our customers enjoy speaking with our Logistics Coordinators when booking their transport.

How will I stay informed as to the status of my shipment?
You will be assigned a Logistics Coordinator to handle your transport from start to finish. You will stay informed and won’t have to navigate through a call center for answers.


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